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CII R06, Financial Planning Practice, is a crucial examination for those pursuing the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning. This course focuses on practical financial planning skills, including retirement planning, investments, and risk management, while emphasizing compliance with UK regulations. Mastery of R06 is essential for professionals seeking to excel in financial planning and offer tailored advice to clients.

Financial Planning Practice (R06)

CII R06 Financial Planning Practice course is meticulously designed to empower financial advisers in developing their financial planning capabilities. This unit serves as a practical test of your ability to apply the technical knowledge and planning skills acquired through previous study, reinforcing your capacity to provide competent and fitting financial advice.  

The course begins by emphasising the critical importance of acquiring relevant client information and gaining an in-depth understanding of their needs, desires, values, and risk profile, which are the cornerstones of effective financial planning. It further explores the extensive spectrum of client information, subjective factors, and indicators that form the bedrock for financial planning assumptions and decisions, taking into account a client’s unique situation while evaluating the pros and cons of suitable options. 

The course guides you in the formulation of well-suited financial plans, requiring you to articulate and substantiate your recommendations effectively and it addresses the vital phases of plan implementation, review, and maintenance, all aimed at achieving your client’s objectives and adapting to changing circumstances. Whether you’re an aspiring financial adviser or seeking to elevate your existing practice, this course equips you with the practical skills and knowledge needed to excel in financial planning, allowing you to demonstrate your expertise in this essential field.


R06 Revision Course

Duration:2 x half day sessions

Location: Online – Microsoft Teams

This course is designed to test and elevate learners existing knowledge. Geared towards learners who have diligently studied the complete CII study text, this workshop should be aligned closely with your exam date. Our aim is to fine-tune your understanding, ensuring you’re not just prepared for the exam but truly “exam-ready.”


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