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The Insurance Professional Apprenticeship provides a development pathway that will allow apprentices to specialise in a particular area of the industry with supporting and appropriate, professional qualifications. 

The standard is, therefore, of broad application across the insurance sector. It supports the consolidation of technical, industry and business knowledge and the development of the skills needed to apply this to a range of complex and/or unfamiliar situations. 
This apprenticeship is ideal for those who are already working in the industry and have completed their CII Certificate in Insurance. It can also be used to support an organisations graduate programmes. 

Candidates with experience in the Insurance Sector and have achieved their Cert CII (or hold equivalent credits)


28 Months

Any apprenticeship costs are covered by the employer and/or Government. Further information on costs for this apprenticeship can be found here.

Entry Requirements

Features and Benefits​​

As a Skills Edge student you will benefit from: 

Regular one to one support sessions

Includes the CII study books and exam entries​​​

Fortnightly workshops for each CII exam​​

All workshops recorded and available on-demand ​​

Exam tips, tricks, and strategies

Interactive chat, forums and class notebooks for real time support and assistance from experienced and qualified insurance professionals ​

Free CII membership for non-members through the CII Aspire Apprenticeship Programme

Monthly workshops to develop the relevant knowledge and skillset of an Insurance Professional

Course Structure Overview​

Key Learning Outcomes

Insurance Market

A comprehensive understanding of the insurance market and the available products and services.

Risk & Regulatory

A comprehensive understanding of the Financial Services legal and regulatory framework and organisational policies and procedures to ensure compliance. Demonstrates an understanding of how a range of situations may be affected by legal and insurance principles.

Clients & Colleagues

An understanding of the importance of being proactive in developing the relationships and networks required to be successful in the role, whilst achieving business objectives and ensuring that client needs are met. 

Processes & Procedures

A  clearunderstanding  ofthe  processesand  proceduresrelevant  tothe technical requirements of the role and their impact on the wider organisation and industry.  

Commercial Awareness

An understanding of the impact of change within the insurance market and how it affects  the role and the wider organisation. 

Understands and can differentiate between the organisation’s short, medium and long term business objectives. 

Technical Ability

Ability to apply technical knowledge and experience to deliver positive outcomes to all stakeholders utilising appropriate policies and procedures. 

Ability to apply legal and insurance principles, knowledge of the market structure and its processes, procedures and documentation to a range of complex situations. 

Relationship Development

Can proactively identify, generate and develop relationships and networks that support the role, including but not limited to internal/external/market led/professional and peer relationships. Can leverage relationships to improve the reliability of customer service based on customer feedback. Engages with and supports colleagues so that they are empowered to resolve customers issues within organisational guidelines. 


Adapts communication and resources to take account of the target audience including less experienced colleagues. Presents information accurately and effectively using more complex communication methods such as reports and presentations. Communicates using the necessary technical language but articulates this in a way that others can understand. 

Full information on all outcomes for this course can be found on the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education website. 

Qualifications ​​

As part of this apprenticeship, apprentices will achieve the CII Diploma in Insurance

This will be made up of:
M05 – Insurance Law
M92 – Insurance Business and Finance
M80 – Underwriting Practice
M81 – Insurance Broking Practice

If you are purely interested in obtaining your CII qualifications and not the wider apprenticeship outcomes, please check out our CII study support workshops:

End Point Assessment:

The End-Point-Assessment (EPA) is conducted by an independent organisation, who will assess the Apprentice’s knowledge, skills and behaviours through the following methods:

A Portfolio of Work

This could be from a range of evidence and will be compiled by the Apprentice. The most appropriate types would be identified through discussion with the Employer, Training Provider and Apprentice, taking into account the job role and internal systems and processes.

Reflective discussion

A structured interview with the Training Provider to explore the content of the portfolio and the learner journey in more detail.

The Apprentice is awarded an overall grade for their apprenticeship based on their EPA, of Fail, Pass, or Distinction.

Level 4 Insurance Professional Journey

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