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The apprenticeship programme is a fantastic avenue for employers to upskill and progress your current staff, as well as attracting new talent to join and grow with your business.

Skills Edge supports businesses through every step of the apprenticeship journey, whether you are experienced with running an apprenticeship programme or this is your first venture into the world of apprenticeships, our specialist team will support you to ensure success. 

Develop your existing employees

The apprenticeship programme can be used to upskill and retrain your existing employees. They are a fantastic way to support your employee’s development with a structured training programme. Apprenticeships are available at all levels and can support employees at any point in their career development.  

Benefits of a Skills Edge apprenticeship for your business: ​

Boost Performance​

Increase Motivation

Fill Key Skill Gaps

Support Progression

Improve Retention

Structured Training

Attract new talent

The apprenticeship programme is a fantastic way for employers to attract new talent to your business. With the support of the apprenticeship programme, new staff will develop the knowledge and skills required to competently perform in their role. With the progressive and supportive nature of an apprenticeship, this will build commitment and performance from your new staff.

Skills Edge can support with the recruitment process:

*The offer of employment should be made subject to final approval onto the apprenticeship. Skills Edge will then complete final checks as part of the enrolment process.

What are the eligibility requirements

Each apprenticeship has it’s own specific entry requirements, the universal requirements are:

How does the apprenticeship programme work?

The apprenticeship programme is designed to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours of individuals in order to build competence in their job role. The apprenticeship may also include professional qualifications via institutes such as the Chartered Insurance Institute. 
The programme is supported by Skills Edge tutors who will complete regular workshops and assessments with learners to support the development of new knowledge, skills and behaviours as well as providing revision support to provide learners the best chance of passing professional exams.

Find out more on how the apprenticeship is structured and our programmes:

Funding and Costs

Apprenticeships are funded in full or in part via the Government. Larger organisations will pay into an Apprenticeship Levy and will use this levy to pay for their apprenticeship training. We have provided a breakdown of the different funding available, along with any incentives and costs that may apply.

Line Manager/Mentor Responsibilities ​

All apprentices will need an internal line manager or mentor to support their internal development and ensure the apprentice is being provided the relevant exposure, training, and support to make the apprenticeship a success. The most successful apprentices are those in which the employer is aligned with the training provider in support of the apprentice.

We have put together a useful guide on the line manager/mentor commitments and requirements. 

How do I get started:

The first step is to meet with a Skills Edge representative to discuss the apprenticeship and your requirements in more detail.

Following this meeting you will be directed to complete our registration process. Upon completion, you will be ready to enrol apprentices within your business.

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