Explaining the Enrolment Process for Apprenticeship Standards

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If you’re thinking about enrolling with us, we strive to give you the best learning experience possible. We have created a straight-forward enrolment process to help you start learning as quickly and easily as possible.

In order to start an apprenticeship, Skills Edge Training will need to complete various checks to ensure that the apprenticeship is suitable, the apprentice will benefit from the apprenticeship, and the apprenticeship funding rules have been met.

Skills Edge Training will guide and support both apprentices and employers through this 5 step process which can be seen in more detail below.


Proof of ID (Passport or Birth Certificate)
GCSE English and math certificates (or equivalents) 
National Insurance Number 
Contract of Employment 
  • Obtaining the apprentice’s personal details, working history and qualifications.
  • Checking eligibility to ensure that the apprentice meets both the apprenticeship funding rules and course specific entry requirements.
  • Ensuring interest in the course, commitment and discussing career ambitions.
  • Completing initial assessments in English and maths


  • Ensuring the apprentice has the capabilities to achieve the apprenticeship
  • Ensuring both the role and exposure provided is relevant to the apprenticeship
  • Completing a Skills Radar to ensure the apprentice’s suitability and that the apprenticeship will add benefit to the apprentice with the development of new knowledge, skills and behaviours.


  • Following completion of the enrolment and approval onto the apprenticeship, an induction date will be arranged and confirmed
  • Apprenticeship documents will be created that will be signed by Skills Edge, Apprentice and Employer
  • These documents must be signed prior to the induction date
  • Failing to sign these documents will result in the induction being re-arranged


  • Introduction to Skills Edge 
  • Overview of apprenticeship and programme
  • Requirements and expectations 
  • Systems Training 
  • My World Matters 
  • Delivering training, setting targets and first assignments
  • Scheduling training sessions

System Requirements

All meetings are completed via Microsoft Teams, therefore apprentices must have the following:

  • Access to a computer or laptop that can support audio and video
  • Access to a headset with microphone to participate in online sessions
  • A strong and reliable internet connection to support online delivery
  • A quiet environment with limited distractions to support effective delivery

Note: Timelines provided are estimates and subject to change

*We run monthly inductions therefore, apprentices will be booked onto next available induction.

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