Looking for a way to jumpstart or progress your career? Look no further than an apprenticeship with Skills Edge Training!

Our comprehensive programmes offer tailored training to support you in the development of new knowledge, skills and behaviours, helping you to achieve career goals.

Benefits of a Skills Edge Apprenticeship

One of the biggest benefits of an apprenticeship is that you can earn money while you're learning. Additionally, you gain valuable work experience and skills that will help you succeed in your career.

An apprenticeship is centred around your employment. As part of this, your employer must ensure you are provided sufficient time during your working week to complete your studies.

By completing an apprenticeship you gain new knowledge, skills, experience and professional qualifications. This will support you to progress in your current job or access new career opportunities.

The foundation of an apprenticeship is developing your knowledge, skills and behaviours to competently perform in your job role. Skills Edge will support you every step of the way to ensure you are competent in your role and have the ability to showcase these competencies.

Your apprenticeship will be supported via our sector expert model. This means your tutor is a highly qualified and experienced professional from within the industry you are working. They are the very best individuals to support your development and ensure we help to develop the skills needed today whilst creating the experts of tomorrow. 

All of our apprenticeships are completed online. This means you can complete your programme from your employers location or at home (if you work from home). Our online delivery is supported by our investment in educational technology and all of your sessions will be delivered live by your allocated tutors.

Who can complete an apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are a great way to gain valuable new knowledge, skills and behaviours which can help you excel in a new role. They can help build careers for just about anyone.

General Entry Requirements
(entry requirements may vary for each programme):

  • Be aged 16 or over
  • Not currently in education or completing any Government funded training or qualifications
  • Have been a UK resident for the last 3 years
  • Employed for a minimum of 16 hours per week
  • Spend at least 50% of your employed hours in England

I think I am too old to study an apprenticeship.​

You must be aged 16 and above to study an apprenticeship but there is no upper age limit. Studying an apprenticeship will be based on the value it can add to your career and not based on your age.

I am graduate, would I be eligible to complete an apprenticeship?

As a graduate you are eligible for an apprenticeship as long as the apprenticeship will add value and lead to the development of new knowledge, skills and behaviours.

How much study is involved outside of my working hours? ​​

None! Apprenticeships are built around off the job training which means your employer needs to ensure a minimum of 6 hours of your working week is dedicated to developing new knowledge, skills and behaviours relevant to your apprenticeship. ​

How much will it cost me?

Nothing! As an apprentice your training is fully funded. The apprenticeship will be funded by the employer and/or Government.

I am already employed, can I still complete an apprenticeship?​

Yes, if you are in a relevant role and the apprenticeship will add value, you will be eligible to undertake an apprenticeship. Your employer will need to support this process. To start this process, please select a relevant course:

I am looking for a new role to start an apprenticeship. ​​

Skills Edge can assist you in finding a new role. We engage with businesses across England who are invested in recruiting apprentices and developing staff. Please check out our current apprenticeship vacancies here:

Apprenticeship Roadmap​

Skills Edge apprenticeships follow five main components:


In order to start an apprenticeship, we will need to complete various checks via our enrolment process. This will ensure the apprenticeship is suitable, you will benefit from the apprenticeship and the funding rules have been met. The enrolment process is outlined below:


The induction is the official starting point of your apprenticeship. This will be a virtual group meeting with a Skills Edge tutor in which we will deliver your first lesson, introducing you to your apprenticeship programme. This will also include:

  • Key responsibilities
  • Industry Overview
  • Setting targets and expectations
  • Systems training
  • My World Matters

My World Matters is incorporated in all Skills Edge Apprenticeships with the aim of helping our learners develop the personal and professional life skills they need for life in modern Britain and will cover a range of subjects such as: 

Practical Period

The Practical Period is the period in which you will be working for your employer, receiving training, studying and developing your knowledge, skills and behaviours. The Practical Period will typically involve a combination of on and off-the-job training, professional development, and assessment.

The key components will be:

  • Internal training and development supported by your employer
  • Assignments and Assessment
  • Monthly workshops providing tuition to develop your knowledge, skills and behaviours
  • Revisions workshops for professional qualifications (if applicable)
  • Functional Skills tuition (if applicable)
  • Quarterly progress reviews between employer, trainer and apprentice

Your employer will ensure you receive a minimum average of 6 hours of your working week to complete off the job training.

Any activity included in the above that develops new knowledge, skills and behaviours can be listed as off the job training. As an apprentice, you will be responsible for logging your off the job training activities.


Gateway is an important milestone in the apprenticeship programme. The Gateway brings a close to the Practical Period and progresses apprentices through to their End Point Assessment.   

Here are some of the
key requirements to successfully complete Gateway:


The End-point assessment (EPA) is the final stage of the apprenticeship and tests the knowledge, skills and behaviours that an apprentice has gained during their training. Unique to each standard, successful completion of the EPA, demonstrates the competence of an apprentice in their role.

key elements of an EPA are:

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