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The CII R04 exam provides a thorough exploration of the UK’s pensions and retirement planning sector. It covers the nuances of both individual and group pension schemes, delving into the regulatory environment and emphasizing the intricate details of retirement options and tax implications. This examination ensures that finance professionals have a comprehensive understanding to guide clients through the maze of retirement decisions.

Pensions and Retirement Planning (R04)

The CII R04 Pensions and Retirement Planning  course is your gateway to developing a profound understanding of the complex landscape of pension and retirement planning. Pensions, as a retirement savings method, stand out due to the compelling tax incentives provided by the Government, both for individuals and companies, to promote retirement provision. This concept, of pensions as a means of securing income in retirement and financial protection in death, has been longstanding, and the importance of pension security remains a pressing political issue in the UK.

This unit takes you on a journey to comprehend the political, economic, and social factors that shape the pensions planning environment, delving into the intricacies of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) tax regulations, pensions law, and relevant regulations. You’ll explore the extensive range of Defined Contribution (DC) scheme options in pension planning and the considerations for pension benefits.  

Additionally, the course provides insights into State Schemes and their role in individual pension planning, along with a thorough examination of retirement planning aims, objectives, and investment considerations. For those pursuing a career in personal finance, this unit is essential, meeting the FCA’s qualification requirements for retail investment advisers and offering valuable credits toward the completion of the Diploma in Financial Planning. Whether you’re a paraplanner, technical consultant, or in financial planning support roles, this course empowers you to navigate the intricate world of pensions and retirement planning, providing you with the knowledge to excel in your career.


R04 Tuition Course

Duration: 12 weeks – Fortnightly 90 minute workshops

Location: Online – Microsoft Teams

This course is designed for those who are have just started or are about to commence their R04 study. It adopts a modular approach, breaking down the study book into manageable sections, with a focus on key exam-related themes. Our experienced CII tutors conduct live fortnightly workshops to reinforce your understanding and help you grasp the essential concepts. Through a combination of comprehensive knowledge delivery and regular assessments, this course ensures you’re well-prepared for your exams while promoting a deep understanding of the subject matter

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