Certificate in Insurance

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Are you preparing to take the CII Certificate in Insurance?

At Skills Edge Training, we offer specialised CII Exam Support specifically tailored to help you achieve the Certificate in Insurance qualification.

The CII qualifications are designed to provide a progressive learning pathway, allowing individuals to advance their knowledge and skills as they gain experience in the industry. The CII qualifications are highly regarded by employers and can significantly enhance career prospects in the insurance sector.

The Certificate in Insurance is often the first qualification candidates will complete as they progress with their CII qualifications in the Insurance industry. The course covers general insurance principles including the regulatory environment as well as units in key disciplines such as Broking, Claims and Underwriting.

Completion requirements

The Certificate comprises of one core unit and two option units from the CII insurance qualifications framework, providing a minimum total of 40 credits on successful completion. 

Core Unit:

Option Units:

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