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The CII R02 examination, offered by the Chartered Insurance Institute, delves into the principles of investment and associated risks. Tailored for finance professionals, this exam covers a spectrum of topics from asset classes, risk assessment, to the broader UK regulatory framework.

Investment Principles and Risk (R02)

The CII R02 Investment Principles and Risk course, is your gateway to enhancing your knowledge and expertise in investment products and the application of the investment advice process. As a financial professional, a comprehensive understanding of the wide array of investment products available in the market is essential when tailoring recommendations to the unique circumstances of each client.  

You will learn how to meticulously assess and recommend investment products that align with your clients’ diverse financial goals and objectives, all while ensuring they comprehend the rationale behind each recommendation. We delve into asset classes, examining their characteristics, inherent risks, behaviours, and correlations, and we analyse the macro-economic environment’s impact on these assets. Moreover, you’ll explore the foundations of investment theories, the principles of the time value of money, and the merits and limitations of these theories.

This course also delves into the characteristics, risks, behaviours, and tax considerations of investment products, followed by a comprehensive look at the investment advice process, principles of investment planning, and the analysis of investment performance. It’s your journey to becoming a well-rounded, knowledgeable financial professional capable of making sound investment recommendations in the best interest of your clients. 


R02 Tuition Course 

Duration: 12 weeks – Fortnightly 90 minute workshops

Location: Online – Microsoft Teams 

This course is designed for those who are have just started or are about to commence their R02 study. It adopts a modular approach, breaking down the study book into manageable sections, with a focus on key exam-related themes. Our experienced CII tutors conduct live fortnightly workshops to reinforce your understanding and help you grasp the essential concepts. Through a combination of comprehensive knowledge delivery and regular assessments, this course ensures you’re well-prepared for your exams while promoting a deep understanding of the subject matter. 


Why Choose Skills Edge?
  • Experienced CII Tutors: Our workshops are led by experienced CII tutors with years of experience delivering the CII syllabus. Benefit from their in-depth knowledge and insights into the exam’s nuances.
  • Comprehensive Study Notes: Access study notes tailored to the CII R02 syllabus. These notes serve as an invaluable resource to help you grasp complex concepts and stay on track with your studies.
  • Interactive Learning Resources: Our interactive learning modules and tools make studying engaging and effective. Reinforce your understanding through quizzes, practice exercises, and interactive content that brings the material to life.
  • Extensive Mock Question Bank: Prepare with confidence using our extensive bank of over 6000 mock questions. Practice and measure your progress to ensure you’re exam ready.

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“The course was such a great help. The tutor was amazing, best sessions.”

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