Business Administration Level 3

Level: 3
Qualification: Apprenticeship
Course Length: 12-18 Months

Our Business Administration apprenticeships take between 12 to 18 months to complete. Both on-the-job-training and off-site training will be delivered to the right candidate, where they will develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of the working environment in that sector.

The candidate will be employed for at least 30 hours a week; hours and days will be dictated by the need of the employer.

Duties will include but not limited to:

  • Dealing with internal and external correspondence via emails, mail and telephone
  • Processing and filing paperwork
  • Updating and maintaining administrative systems

Once the apprenticeship has been achieved the candidate will have:

  • A Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration certificate
  • Functional skills in Maths and English level 2
  • Greater knowledge and understanding of business operations
  • To be able to answer correspondence in a clear and formal manner
  • How to prioritise workloads


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IT – Skilled in the use of multiple IT packages (MS Office or equivalent) and systems relevant to the organisation.

Record and document production – Produces accurate records and documents including: emails, letters, files, payments, reports and proposals.

Decision making – Makes effective decisions based on sound reasoning and is able to deal with challenges in a mature way.

Interpersonal skills – Builds and maintains positive relationships within their own team and across the organisation.

Communications – Demonstrates good communication skills, whether face-to-face, on the telephone, in writing or on digital platforms. Uses the most appropriate channels to communicate effectively.

Quality – Completes tasks to a high standard.

Planning and organisation – Takes responsibility for initiating and completing tasks, manages priorities and time in order to successfully meet deadlines.

Project management – Uses relevant project management principles and tools to scope, plan, monitor and report.


The organisation – Understands organisational purpose, activities, aims, values, vision for the future, resources and the way that the political/economic environment affects the organisation.

Value of their skills – Knows organisational structure and demonstrates understanding of how their work benefits the organisation.

Stakeholders – Has a practical knowledge of managing stakeholders and their differing relationships to an organisation.

Relevant regulation – Understands laws and regulations that apply to their role including data protection, health & safety, compliance etc. Supports the company in applying the regulations.

Policies – Understands the organisation’s internal policies and key business policies relating to sector.

Business fundamentals – Understands the applicability of business principles such as managing change, business finances and project management.

Processes – Understands the organisation’s processes, e.g. making payments or processing customer data.

External environment factors – Understands the international/global market in which the employing organisation is placed.


Professionalism – Behaves in a professional way.

Personal qualities – Shows exemplary qualities that are valued including integrity, reliability, self-motivation, being pro-active and a positive attitude. Motivates others where responsibility is shared.

Managing performance – Takes responsibility for their own work, accepts feedback in a positive way, uses initiative and shows resilience.

Adaptability – Is able to accept and deal with changing priorities related to both their own work and to the organisation.

Responsibility – Demonstrates taking responsibility for team performance and quality of projects delivered.

All our apprenticeships are delivered through blended learning techniques. This means there will be a mixture of self-studying, theory delivered by your tutor either online or in person, a series of one-off webinars followed up with seminars delivered by our carefully selected ‘sector experts’. Our e-portfolio software allows you to access your work and view your progress at any time, from any device.

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