Traineeships & Internships

Business traineeships and internships are a great way to trial potential apprentices; while providing young people with invaluable industry experience.

Traineeships & Internships

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Business Traineeships are a great way of giving young people industry experience while providing an opportunity for employers to trial potential apprenticeship candidates. Most Skills Edge traineeships last 8 weeks and provide essential entry level skills young people need to take up future positions within your company. There is no obligation to offer a trainee a job opportunity at the end, but a final review and interview will provide valuable employability skills to help them pursue their career.

A traineeship:

  • Is for anyone unemployed aged 16 – 24
  • Is for employers wishing to trial a potential candidate
  • Typically lasts 8 weeks
  • Includes 1 day per week vocational training
  • Is unpaid, but we encourage employers to assist with travel and other expenses
  • Can include units of business administration or customer services qualifications
  • Can include business industry theory to count towards full professional body recognition
  • Can be tailored to your company’s internal training programmes
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